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Lite-On Semiconductor Corp was established in 1990, with head quarters located in Xindian, New Taipei City, and our sales & production network include :Keelung, Hsin Chu Science park, Wuxi and Shanghai in China. We will continue to establish more sales and technical support centers in China and other Asia Pacific region to better serve and expand our customers.

Lite-On Semiconductor Corp design, develop , package and test a wide series of green power related semiconductor components that are mainly applied on communications, information, consumer electronics products' switching power supply and system power supply. LSC is the global largest AC/DC GPP Bridge supplier since 2011. We can quickly combine our discrete & Analog ICs from our Green Power Platform to build different power management solutions to enhance power efficiency our customers request.

Power savings is an inevitable global trend that has expanded its influence into the household appliances and consumer products that will further drive global power management solution demand. LSC aims to become one of the best Green Power Semiconductor components Supplier globally through a continuous effort to expand the breadth and depth of our products on our Green Power Platform.

Diodes Inc (Nasdaq : DIOD) has received approval from the China's State Administraion for Market Regulation(SAMR) to proceed with its planned acquisition of Lite-On Semiconductor on September 23rd , 2020. All other condictions to the deal's closing have been satisified (including the approvals from the Taiwan Fair Trade Commission, the Investment Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and China's National Development and Reform Commission and SAMR). This merger acquisition was completed on 30th, November , 2020 and Non-public offering company..
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