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Features on Modules and Integration of Processes
In house epitaxial capability for power and analog applications. The use of batch type vertical reactors ensures fewer particles and lower defect density, with high throughput performance for volume production.
Lithography with 5X Steppers by G-line, which shrink feature size of traditional bipolar devices, and the I-line steppers minimize the chip size of CMOS logic circuits.
Double metal interconnect processes with Ti-TiW-Al.
Both wet and dry etch processes for Al.
High concentration of furnace boron doping processes for top-down junction isolation in bipolar devices.
Strong capability in defect reduction, Surfscan, KLA and wafer scrubbers are dedicated for yield improvement.
Supports from our Technology Development team. With simulation tools such as Atlas and Athena of Silvaco; Suprem IV and Medici of Avant!, the experienced TD team offers sufficient supports in processes and devices for the most customized solution.
We also keeps alliance with qualified epi company to guarantee flexible capacity, and provide a wide range of epi processes for further development of advanced BiCMOS and BCD technologies.
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